Update your existing installation.

When there is a new release or recent commits to a source branch you have a few options for updating. You can sideload a prebuild over your existing sideloaded installation or you can pull the local source and build over your existing built-from-source installation. New: Update & Build via make (untested).

Update Options:


Update with Terminal

The Terminal app can be found in: /Applications/Utilities

  1. Navigate to the 'Provenance' directory with: cd [path] (drag & drop a folder on Terminal after cd to get directory path)

  2. Update latest source (Options):

    • Overwrite Changes: If you haven't yet made any changes to source files or don't mind overwriting them and reapplying your Bundle IDs, App Groups from the original installation:

        git pull origin develop
    • Stash Changes: If want to reapply your changes to source files (especially any PRs you are working on or simply your Bundle IDs App Groups), you will need to stash and re-apply them with:

        git stash
        git reset --hard HEAD
        git pull origin develop
        git stash pop
  3. Update submodules and frameworks

     make update
     make open
  4. Return to Xcode and…

    • Return to Build: Step 3 to reapply your settings, else…

    • If stashed changes above, just hit the ▶︎ (Run) button.

  5. Provenance will compile and run on your device. Unless testing, hit ◼︎ (Stop). Done.

Update with Tower

  1. In Repositories double-click Provenance or select and click Open

  2. With 'develop' branch marked (HEAD), click Fetch

  3. If develop branch shows a number next to it, click Pull

  4. Click Stash Changes

  5. After changes are pulled, click Apply Stash, select stash and click Apply Stash

  6. In Terminal:

     cd [path to Provenance]
     make update
     make open
  7. Return to Xcode: Hit the ▶︎ (Run) button.

  8. Provenance will compile and run on your device. Unless testing, hit ◼︎ (Stop). Done.

To learn more about stashing refer to Tower's Using the Stash documentation.

Update & Build

If you've already done the First-time Setup, then you can build from the command-line using the following commands. These commands will pull any updates and build, so you can opt to update and build using only the terminal in the future.

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad):

      make ios
  • tvOS (Apple TV):

      make tvos

🗯 If you are still stuck ask for help on our Discord.

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